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A Tool For Talking About AI

AI for Teams

In the video, the speaker discusses different types of people based on their relationship with AI. Here are the categories:

  1. Blissfully Unaware: These individuals have limited knowledge of AI and its applications. They may have seen headlines but don’t know much beyond that. They’re focused on getting through daily tasks and filter out irrelevant information.
  2. Uninitiated: People in this category are aware of AI and its potential consequences but haven’t taken action to apply it. They may feel overwhelmed, fear job loss, or find AI intimidating.
  3. Personal Users: These individuals have a good understanding of AI and have tried using it for personal tasks, often experimenting with tools like chat GPT. They are open to trying new things and being adaptable.
  4. Power Users: Power users are highly aware of AI and apply it extensively. They go beyond using a single tool, exploring various applications for different purposes. Their goal is to augment personal and team tasks, ultimately integrating AI into the business to serve customers.

To help teams adopt AI more quickly, the speaker suggests two approaches. First, team members should classify themselves into these categories to start discussions and understand individual attitudes. Second, creating a dedicated space for learning and development allows team members to explore AI tools, find productivity-enhancing options, and share their findings.

Remember, it’s important to adapt to new AI tools and effectively augment teams. Feel free to share your thoughts and feedback on these categories!

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